Same time last year, we were having the same conversation.. with pink as the colour du jour! I am pretty sure you also somehow fell in love (wore and shot too of course.. duh!) with millenial pink - the [Insta feed] brainwash was too good to pass. Everyone, everywhere, everything. Same story, different shade. And lilac it is.. or ultraviolet as per Pantone's instructions.
Your girl's loving it. Nothing genius to discuss here - stripes and floral are a match made in heaven, I am sure you agree on that.  
As for my floral silk dress below, heart eyes emoji. Like a second skin. J'adore.
Enjoy both looks. x

*Photography by Panayiotis Mina

Snapseed (10).jpg
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IMG_0832 (1).JPG
IMG_0833 (1).jpg

Silk dress by MAXMARA via Maxima Boutiques

A. x



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Never have I met a suit I didn't like (head to Insta for.. a dozen of proof) and gender bender be like one of my most frequently used hashtags - I just love playing up to gender stereotypes. Usually mine is androgynous and tailored with oversized slouchy pants - the perfect cut for a lace sexifier top up and sneaks or slides of any kind for some high lows action - a white tee also does the trick for a get-up-n-go morning do.
Arghh.. and my new thing.. skirt suits (wait for it!).. that gingham from The Frankie Shop makes me gasp for air - ultra luxe par excellence.  
SHOP my 15 faves below. 

  TIBI  //  Blazer  |  Pants

TIBI // Blazer | Pants

  CHLOE  //  Blazer  |  Pants

CHLOE // Blazer | Pants

  REJINA PYO  //  Blazer  |  Pants

REJINA PYO // Blazer | Pants

  MONSE  //  Blazer  |  Pants

MONSE // Blazer | Pants

  CELINE  //  Blazer  |  Pants

CELINE // Blazer | Pants

  OFF - WHITE  //  Blazer  |  Skirt

OFF - WHITE // Blazer | Skirt

  PETAR PETROV  //  Blazer  |  Pants

PETAR PETROV // Blazer | Pants

  SARA BATTAGLIA  //  Blazer  |  Pants

SARA BATTAGLIA // Blazer | Pants

  TIBI  //  Blazer  |  Pants

TIBI // Blazer | Pants

  MANGO  //  Blazer  |  Pants

MANGO // Blazer | Pants

  OFF - WHITE  //  Blazer  |  Skirt

OFF - WHITE // Blazer | Skirt

   ACNE //   Blazer  |  Pants

 ACNE // Blazer | Pants

  THE FRANKIE SHOP  //  Blazer  |  Pants

THE FRANKIE SHOP // Blazer | Pants

  THE FRANKIE SHOP  //  Blazer  |  Skirt

THE FRANKIE SHOP // Blazer | Skirt

  MANGO  //  Blazer  |  Pants

MANGO // Blazer | Pants

A. x




The Trench (1).jpg

What can I say, life in the fast lane takes you places faster that you can say A and before you know it, it's Spring and just like that your nevers become forevers (proven twice in one article). Firstly -  damn, am I getting obsessed with pink or is it just my idea? Plus - rose paired with neutrals, orange and white; la-la-love (not a Eurovision inspo).

If you follow on Pinterest you will have noticed this little area of my brain (and this is not a fashion board) that's clearly following suit. Becoming cute, who knew?

Anyhow. Spring translates to transitional dressing otherwise known as bipolar dressing issues.. when you are muddled whether you want to be on the trench trendland or wear a dress and layer because the weather is warm and sound (and when I say sound I mean freaking awesome - iPhone reads 26 degrees) - Wu Wei (chinese, literally “non-doing”) is an important concept of Taoism and means natural action, or in other words, action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort. Wu wei is the cultivation of a mental state in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the flow of life) !
Right, 09:58: nough said, off to my second arpegio and some kick-boxing to kickstart de week.
Two looks below - enjoy. 

Dress by MAXMARA, Jacket by SPORTMAX

Sunglasses by LOEWE vintage

Snapseed (8).jpg

Look numero due.
The new cool: logomania's glorious return!
The trend was literally everywhere during fashion week (I dislike repeating myself but I always like to say, never say never in fashion because you will be wearing never at some point -  and now tell me, who saw that coming?!) MM jumps on the bandwagon with #maxmaragram but somehow still exhales the usual chicness - Mr. Griffiths you are indeed magic; be it the delicate and shimmery lurex fabrics or the oh-so-chic (as per always) silhuettes, the house’s signature monogram is seen everywhere, bags, shoes and also clothes.. sometimes even in total looks (and your girl is clearly loving it). Less about the status quo and more about a new era of coolness and a way to wear it and not wear you.
Gimme gimmee!

#Maxmaragram top and trousers by MAXMARA, Organza coat by MAXMARA, all via MAXIMA BOUTIQUES
Sunglasses LOEWE and GUCCI vintage

The Trench (7).jpg

P.S. If you are stalking for a while you must have understood that I am a huge fan of Maxmara and Sportmax..
but if for a reason you have not (smirking emoji) but got some time to wag off, see more here, here or here.
Even more on Instaland
A. x


flannels intro (3).jpg

Created for FLANNELS, I am getting my feet a little wet with S/S 2018 - the weather is not giving me much of a choice anyway.
iPhone currently reads 17 here on the banana island and bare legs have already had their first outing. 


Maximalism is the name of the game for one more season and GUCCI knows it like a season quarterback.

Since Allesandro took over, I am falling hard for GiGi more and more every season... this guy lives in his own planet -
hitting pay dirt, following NO RULES. And of course, I love that.
Innocent and playful whilst being honest.
Love that even more. 
I swear, last season's show almost brought me to tears. 

Anyhow - bed outfit leaves the bedroom (no need for special intros, we are all slaves to anything silk for almost half a decade now), but that isn’t to say, it can't take itself seriously. Quite the contrary - GUCCI always gives ground for the most serious form of  'more is more', my favourite fashun mantra. Work it. 

Alex, I am sure you are digging these vintage GG shades, am I right?

gucci veranda.jpg
flannels Valentino 01.png

Second look and still on the bubble gum palette. 
Me, obsessing over (so much) pink. Who knew?



 And who doesn't love Pierpaolo?  

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

PARENTAL ADVISORY: explicit content

Snapseed (1).jpg

When Flannels asked if I would weigh in on how to style a few of their key season pieces, I thought less fashion mumbling, more actual doing info. And by actual, I obviously mean Insta worthy material, or how to interestingly spread the #ootd all day every day.
For that hasn’t been grammed has never been worn, right? You know I am right (smirking face emoji)
I am having a major crush on colour tights at the moment (in case you haven't noticed) - thought the skirt and them are a match made in heaven.
So, I took this gangster look and my almost inadequate brain (because it's only Tuesday and it's still malfunctioning) and we all popped in to Miss Floricienta's paradiso - scarf is by her as well. 

Tada - bipolar yours truly.
The playful feminine self, the ladylike and the gangsta (paradise).
We all have a few personalities anyway yes?
Or have I been too influenced by SPLIT? (aka one of the best films I have watched in the past few months). 

T-shirt, skirt and handbag by Gucci, all via Flannels
Sunglasses by Gucci (Vintage)
Scarf by
Floricienta Iuvenalis
Earrings by Voodoo Jewels


A. x

* Special thanks to Bottega Amaro and Floricienta Iuvenalis for providing us with the location spaces. 



DSC_3038 3s.jpg

Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Make-up by Savvas Savva

Whether it's down to the Alessandro Michele/Gucci and the two Italian hotties aka Attico effect or a simple desire for bolder and brighter rainbow -ish clothing for Instagram-led millennials, maximalism is still alive and well. Last couple of seasons we have seen an 80s revival with high-voltage (insert the emoji) glamour, glitter, sequins, and feathers. Turns out disco isn't dead. And me likey!
Studio 54 and all that jazzzzzz. It all started blowing up from A/W, but designers seem to continue injecting extra doses of fun into their collections for Spring '18! Party mood, 24/7, seven days a week! Absolutely fabulous darling, fabulous!.
This season's mantra seems to be the shinier the better. On every occasion. And incarnation.. be it shoes, dresses, trousers, blazers and oh-so-playful bags. So if you tend to save your sparkles for NYE, think again! 
Should you still not be convinced, here is plenty of runway proof that sequins is the new floral. And some more here!


Shop my favourites // #ANDRIASDOSECURATES


Purple and Green Light on a Mountain Creative Wattpad Book Cover (1).png
Brown and Black Bordered Prom Ticket.png
Brown and Black Bordered Prom Ticket (1).png

wearing: Maxmara earrings, striped cardigan and tailored trousers | Maxmara 101801 coat | Sportmax b&w crossbody bag all via Maxima Boutiques

Currently hovering between's Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and Flashdance Maniac on this first working Wednesday of the year.  An attempt to put myself back in order, sipping on a 3rd arpeggio and checking tasks off the list, while simultaneously wondering what activities I need to add to my schedule if I want to ever digest the hundred pounds of sugar in the form of (as we Greeks call them) Kourabiedes, I consumed during Christmas. Well, they worth the trouble. And my belly. Too good et cetera.
As for Billy I.. let's say that if I want to keep myself on the don't grow up it's a trap spirit (aka don't take life too seriously, aka positive vibes only), I must rely on the tunes that kept me bouncing around during those lovely teens. FYI, putting music on is the first thing I do after mechanically hitting on the Nespresso machine. And after wearing all my rings (what's with the face? does it sound weird?)

Now editing new material as I take a first dive into the Spring/Summer stuff with this Maxmara story. And stripes are always a good idea, innit? Especially when they are married and happily every after. It's still January though, so les-bi-honest, we still need the overcoat (P.S. Pitch Perfect 3 is out, anyone watched it?)!
In celebration of MM Coats! expo in Seoul, I thought I'd done a virtual teleportation with the iconic 101801. Feels like I am drinking a 1947's Cheval Blanc. But with clothes. Not a bad way to start the year right?

More exciting things are coming soon.
Work hard, play harder.
A. x