Wearing NATARGEORGIOU dress + belt bag / OFF - WHITE shoes / SUNDAY SOMEWHERE sunglasses


Wearing VETEMENTS leather jacket (also seen here!) from SPLASH BY THE BEACH (get in now on sale) / NATARGEORGIOU trousers + feathered tote bag / H&M shoes


Wearing NATARGEORGIOU coat + belt bag / ZARA silver top / NAZEZHDA pvc trousers /  OFF - WHITE shoes

Photos by Moeez Ali, Avery D'Alessandro / Video by Joanna Theodorou for

Although Spring and I have started getting closer, I think I owed you the last part of (almost all) my looks from PFW. 
So, yay or nay?



Ph. credits: Moeez Ali, Jonathan Daniel Pryce for British Vogue, ShotbyGio, TheStreetPie

Wearing: red Velvet dress/jumpsuit - VETEMENTSxJUICYCOUTURE from Splash by the Beach /  trainers - OFF WHITE / cluch - NATARGEORGIOU

Bright, bold, show-stopping, red!
Don't say I didn't tell you!
Total red will be more sizzling than the chicken curry you ate last week.
Prada, Fendi, Proenza, Jil Sander, Maxmara and the rest of the gang have made their note and apparently I did my lil' forecasting alright - monkey face emoji. This should also give you another hint.
You will be seeing red everywhere next season, whether it is in shoes, coats, dresses or in a total look.
Co-ord is the word for a few seasons now and code red is in for A/W17. 
Cap ou pas cap?


Photography by Moeez Ali
Wearing: Top + Skirt - VETEMENTS X CARHARTT from Splash by the beach / Sunglasses - Marni from Splash by the Beach / shoes - Melis Yildiz / clutch - Natargeorgiou

As promised, my outfits from Paris Fashion Week will start dropping one by one!
First day, first look - 10:00 am at Charles De Gaulle, 11:45 at my Airbnb home away from home (Parisian traffic is out of this world! If you know Paris, 1:45 to get to the centre is just TOO MUCH) and first call was at 12:00 for LANVIN's show.
I had like 15 minutes to get ready and teleport myself from Marais to the oh so beautiful Hotel de Ville - quickly (and I mean very quickly) changed my hiking boots and fur monster (always simple and incognito *rolls eyes) to this VETEMENTSxCARHARTT attire ('durable workwear '- I thought to myself, perfect). Stepping out of my Montorgueil apartment (hands down, best area to live in Paris), I found the sky raining to fashion death (perhaps the floor length skirt wasn't such a good choice after all but I had no nano seconds to even consider changing clothes - at least my dearest Vogue et al approved) and it was freezing AF - that's (fashion) life, I kept reminding myself at all times I was ready to collapse. 
Anyhow - no kidding, Paris Fashion Week was intense but amazing this season!
I got to see stunning shows, walked around, met new interesting people, went to amazing places, had finger - licking food. Let's say I got my dose to keep me (from insanity) going for a little while - Paree mon amour, till the next time.
Everything from my trip is up on Instagram but more detailed looks with their where-to-buy links are coming soon.

à tout à l'heure
A. x





new collage vetements .jpg
FullSizeRender 2ed.jpg

Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Wearing: leather jacket - VETEMENTS | lace blouse - LANVIN | leather-trimmed jeans - VETEMENTS | shoes - LANVIN
all from Splash by the Beach

Black, leather, lace (or anything sheer). Repeat.
Demna made me do it. Volume two.
A. x


Photography Harris Kyprianou
*Thank you to LeLoft for my hair

Wearing: Shirt - VETEMENTS | Denim - VETEMENTS | Shoes - GIANVITO ROSSI
all from Splash by the Beach

Unless you've been living under a rock without any contact with the humankind (or if you're not really interested in fashion - but if you are reading this, I guess you are), you can't possibly have missed the VETEMENTS craze. A rebellious spirit, with clear inspiration from the 'underground' cultures and a 'too cool for school' attitude - think a mash-up of punk and neo-gothic influences infused with a gender bender sense of tailoring (and lots of beep words).

No brand divides opinions like VETEMENTS. Even people without the slightest interest in fashion have thrown themselves into the VETEMENTS attention-grabbing debate. At the first boom, I was a detractor myself (have a read on this brilliant take by Leandra.. I used to agree 100%)Let's say I wasn't that sure about the 18-brand collaborative collective idea but nevertheless, the hype is undoubtedly vindicated. 
Genius branding - do and a breath of fresh air to the fashion world; a creative earthquake. Most of the pieces are simple but the unconventional attitude that goes with them is just beyond i.e. this shirt, #dying. 
FYI Vetements (French) means 'clothing' in English. And this is what Demna says.. 'it's just clothes'.
 A slow very well-made 'creative brainwash' and here you go, your girl is a VETEMENTS kid.
Demna made me do it. 
In the end, it's all about attitude. And personality.
No doubt, they have too much of that. And that's what I love. 
What's your take?
Vetements or no Vetements?
A. x



Photography by Harris Kyprianou
*Thank you to LeLoft for my hair. 

Wearing: Trousers - CHRISTIAN DIOR | Shirt - VALENTINO | Blazer - VETEMENTS | Velvet pumps - CHRISTIAN DIOR
All from Splash by the beach

Meet Fall Winter's kinkiest trend!
Patent leather and yes oh yes, the glossier the better. Patent and its cousin pvc
were amongst the biggest trends this season. Seen at almost all fashion weeks turning up at Dior, Vuitton, Vacarello and even Chanel where Coco's infamous pearls were juxtaposed against  crinkly leather skirts. 

What do you think?

Too much?

In fact, tbh I think it's very easy to wear. No rules (of course) - but just one thing to have in mind. It's all about balance - fashion or no fashion.  Keeping the rest of the look safe; think boyish details and basics such as blazers, hoodies or white tees and shirts. 
I definitely see them with flats (think white trainers or loafers) but co-ordinated bordeaux-s never looked so good - could not resist!