Wearing NATARGEORGIOU dress + belt bag / OFF - WHITE shoes / SUNDAY SOMEWHERE sunglasses


Wearing VETEMENTS leather jacket (also seen here!) from SPLASH BY THE BEACH (get in now on sale) / NATARGEORGIOU trousers + feathered tote bag / H&M shoes


Wearing NATARGEORGIOU coat + belt bag / ZARA silver top / NAZEZHDA pvc trousers /  OFF - WHITE shoes

Photos by Moeez Ali, Avery D'Alessandro / Video by Joanna Theodorou for

Although Spring and I have started getting closer, I think I owed you the last part of (almost all) my looks from PFW. 
So, yay or nay?


Photography by Moeez Ali
Wearing: Top + Skirt - VETEMENTS X CARHARTT from Splash by the beach / Sunglasses - Marni from Splash by the Beach / shoes - Melis Yildiz / clutch - Natargeorgiou

As promised, my outfits from Paris Fashion Week will start dropping one by one!
First day, first look - 10:00 am at Charles De Gaulle, 11:45 at my Airbnb home away from home (Parisian traffic is out of this world! If you know Paris, 1:45 to get to the centre is just TOO MUCH) and first call was at 12:00 for LANVIN's show.
I had like 15 minutes to get ready and teleport myself from Marais to the oh so beautiful Hotel de Ville - quickly (and I mean very quickly) changed my hiking boots and fur monster (always simple and incognito *rolls eyes) to this VETEMENTSxCARHARTT attire ('durable workwear '- I thought to myself, perfect). Stepping out of my Montorgueil apartment (hands down, best area to live in Paris), I found the sky raining to fashion death (perhaps the floor length skirt wasn't such a good choice after all but I had no nano seconds to even consider changing clothes - at least my dearest Vogue et al approved) and it was freezing AF - that's (fashion) life, I kept reminding myself at all times I was ready to collapse. 
Anyhow - no kidding, Paris Fashion Week was intense but amazing this season!
I got to see stunning shows, walked around, met new interesting people, went to amazing places, had finger - licking food. Let's say I got my dose to keep me (from insanity) going for a little while - Paree mon amour, till the next time.
Everything from my trip is up on Instagram but more detailed looks with their where-to-buy links are coming soon.

à tout à l'heure
A. x




Le Meurice / When in Paris

Photos by Andreas Georgiou using Iphone
Dress - Natargeorgiou 

#Throwback to Paris Fashion Week and my last eve in Paris, spent at the Hotel Le Meurice - honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The interiors are mind blowing and there is luxury in every single corner; no wonder why Karl, Anna and all the rest of fashion's creme de la creme had put in an appearance. 
And as in all my PFW outfits, I am wearing Natargeorgiou who by the way, have recently (and finally!) entered the www with a brand new online store. Whoop!

PFW Day 3

Photos by Natargeorgiou 
Wearing: Dress - Natargeorgiou

Paris Fashion Week and well, every fashion week translates to...dress up. I mean, how can you resist a little glam with all the fashion showgoers street-catwalking a la mode? Referencing Anna and her head to toe Tom Ford outfit, the always chic Centenera, playful Mira, Natasha Goldenberg in her matchy - matchy Stella McCartney and awesome Perminova in her white Chanel chain boots (to-die for!). Have I said enough? Dress up it is.
PFW day 3 and this Natargeorgiou dress; to be honest with you, at first I was wondering if it was a tad too ladylike. But then on the other hand I was in an experimenting mood, a - getting out of my comfort zone- type of thing so ta da.
In a Day Vs Night concept, I added some accessories to tone the look down when worn in the morning. As per the eve, I let it plain - I thought it deserved the 12 points without unnecessary distractions! 
More dress up from PFW coming soon!

PFW Day 1

Photo by Filio Metsi
Wearing: Top - Natargeorgiou | Skirt - Zara | Hat - Flashback | Shoes - Proenza Schouler | Jacket - Chicy - Bag - Stalo Markides

Paris, oh Paris - finally - we meet again. If you guys are following me on Instagram then you must have seen that I am in Paris for PFW (#sohapppy)! Five days and four crazy gals aka tons of lovely photos to share with you soon. Stay tuned but please do bare with me if the updates are a bit delayed - the wifi is not the quickest here at the flat and our apple family is driving it crazy. I will do my best though, I promise. And here I come to wonder again - what the h*** were we doing before Instagram?
And if we may talk outfits, #parisday1 was all about this Zara white skirt (fave new acquisition) which although paired with items you have seen before, the whole look felt summed up pretty well. What do you say?