* photography and creative direction by me

If there is one thing to make me (and my nose) weak on my knees is a Tom Ford smell.. Obsessed with Black Orchid for longer than eternity.. now Orchid Soleil comes to make me cheat - oh boy! You 've got no idea how much I wish you could scratch the screen and smell dat.. Seductive, intoxicating, refreshing.. but anyway, do I need to say more?
Anyone do sexy scents better than Mr. Ford?
Oh and it looks as stunning as it smells - dipped in rose gold, glimmers, shines and it only reminds you of one thing.. SUMMA mama.
Spicy notes of pink pepper, bitter orange, cypress, red spider lily, tuberose, vanilla, chestnut cream, patchouli and orchid (duh!).
On your way to the store already?
Everything else from the Tom Ford Soleil collection is just LIFE.

The Ultimate Bronzer is everything.. flawlessly glides onto the face with a silky, buildable, sexy (AF) glow - j'adore!
Don't even get me started on the cream/powder eye shadow or the Sheer Cheek Duo. Or the lipsticks (and the genius clutch-size lip balm). Or the Soleil Blanc Body Oil (photo got lost in cyberspace). Basically everything.
I guess you can call me a Tom Ford girl!
Any TF fans around here?
A. x