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Herbivore, my darling, where have you been all my life?
96 hours together and I feel I've found my skin-mate! Love at first use.
I have been seeing them everywhere, the reviews were all top notch (especially about this one) and only from the packaging and branding I was dying to try them out!
Shall we? 

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist // This has won a front row seat next to my bed. I spray it every morning as soon as I open my eyes. My double espresso comes before the skincare routine (#firstidrinkthecoffeethenidothethings) so it's my first and fresh hello new day, I am ready for you!

I also use it after cleaning my face (day and night) and right before I sleep! If I am at home during the day, I might spritz once more in the afternoon just so I give my face another hydr-injection!
It has a base of coconut water (j'adore), hibiscus flower (known for its intense moisture boosting), rose (reduces redness and smells heavenly), witch hazel and aloe vera (need I say more?) ! 

Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask // This is probably my favourite! Promises to illuminate and energise, giving skin a fresh natural glow! The instructions were saying to use the mask nightly for the first three nights and then reduce to 2-3 nights a week. I did. And it does! So, I am not sure if this is a placebo as I was really wanted this to be good, but it damn feels like it! I do see the glow and my skin feels like it's breathing (tat on point, emoji wink). La la lav it! 

Orchid Facial Oil // Orchid extract, Japanese Camellia flower oil, Jasmine oil (yeeees!). I currently use this day and night instead of moisturiser. Highlight - awesome under make up; in fact it makes you glow. Ah, also, it smells too good!
Best for last - I've had some breakouts lately and this along with the mask have made my face a lot better, helping to smoothen and almost vanish them pimples after only these few uses!

Jasmine Body Oil // Absorbs quickly, check! Makes the skin smooth, check! Rich but not greasy, check! And the smell.. I cannot get over how wonderful this thing is! Jasmine is one of my favourite scents and this is intoxicating - in the best possible version there is.

Overall: Dose approves. Herbivore you got yourself a fan.

Disclaimer: There will be more beauty talk from now on. That's a promise!