I have been meaning to start posting more beauty for longer than eternity so let's take NY resolutions as an excuse. 
Given the humongous doses of sugar I consumed during Christmas my skin is more in need for extra hydration and care than ever. I am currently on rotation with these guys and some more not seen in the photo..
Currently loving:

Herbivore Botanicals: Pictured here is the Jasmine Body Oil - and oh-what a bliss. I am a sucker for a good jasmine smell and this is so fresh and intoxicating! There is actually a whole story dedicated to herbivore; I just love everything they do. In fact, I have taken Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist and Orchid Facial Oil to the very end! Also, the Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask is currently my favourite mask in the whole world. NOT SPONSORED people. You can order them online and believe you me, they worth it!
Ah.. also, not pictured but worth mentioning as my face and I swear by it for the last 3 years - Kiehls Midnight recovery oil, I love you.

Klar is a brand that I have tried very recently and I am currently using their handcream - too good. Also, this and this for hands.

Victoria Bekham for Estee Lauder and posh knows what very well she is doing. If you want her glow, now there is a way. Morning Aura illuminating cream does the job. Besides the lush package that definitely makes me fall for it, the cream actually works well as a primer, helping make up sit better on the skin while giving your face a healthy glow. I am also using the bordeaux lip from the same line. In fact, when talking lips and make up in general, I am usually bold with my choices (as goes in clothes as well, duh!). It is either gonna be bare or something natural-ish or bold aka bordeaux or red (I have this since 6 grade). For the first option of bare, I always trust Bobbie Brown or Clarins for that - for which we did a campaign with the brand by the way, in case you missed it . Bold for the the eye lids as well. That's a whole different story I intend to discuss very soon - but the only thing you need to know is that I am following the same suit as per the eyes. Currently hooked on red and orange, but I think I am slowly turning into a unicorn as I am lately loving pink, purple and yellow as well. 

My 4 ombres palette from Chanel is my go to place for the natural brown eye. And now - eyeliner! In those rare occasions that I am feeling the femme fatale vibes, I always run to this man for his immaculate - straight line, but I recently started liking it for a more everyday use. I just wish I could get that line damn straight. Another NY res. Shiseido is my current buddy. 

In terms of make-up, I am quite particular with what I use and it all starts and ends with ARMANI. Never have I cheated since the day I tried it (FYI, I use shade 6 for winter and 7 for summertime). Ideal for the no-make up, make up, the Luminous Silk is just beyond. Silky and shiny and so very light. That healthy glow you read in magazines? Thaaaat's it!
Don't let that scare you, if in case you have an acne prone skin. You could still go for it and use a concealer with stronger coverage on your spots. I also sometimes use Dior's translucent powder for those days I want my make up to last longer and need to set up. 

And now my favourite part - nostrils! My smells are usually earthy and fresh or dark, woody and intoxicating. 
''If there is one thing to make me (and my nose) weak on my knees is a Tom Ford smell... Obsessed with Black Orchid for longer than eternity.. now Orchid Soleil comes to make me cheat - oh boy'' 
Also, OUD WOOD from Tom Ford.. seductive and intoxicating. Good news is that you can also share with your man. Same goes with Molton Brown's Russian Leather.. tobacco, pine, black tea, leather and basil. Need I say more?

But If I had to talk about my two favourites ever and ever, those would be Le Labo Santal 33 and By Kilian's Straight to heaven - and trust me that's what it does exactly, straight to heaven (hearts emoji).
Capital B, BEYOND. Never have I been somewhere without someone asking about them. 

Same vibes for my home preferences. A forever Diptyque afficionado, j'adore Amber and Patchouli smells. Also, currently testing Molton Brown's Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine and me likey.

As a blogger, I am lucky to be sent products out to try quiet often and up to now you could find my ops and mini reviews up on Instagram and stories, but I promise that my favourites will end up here as well. Stay tuned!

What about you? Any favourites that I should know about?
A. x