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Herbivore, my darling, where have you been all my life?
96 hours together and I feel I've found my skin-mate! Love at first use.
I have been seeing them everywhere, the reviews were all top notch (especially about this one) and only from the packaging and branding I was dying to try them out!
Shall we? 

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist // This has won a front row seat next to my bed. I spray it every morning as soon as I open my eyes. My double espresso comes before the skincare routine (#firstidrinkthecoffeethenidothethings) so it's my first and fresh hello new day, I am ready for you!

I also use it after cleaning my face (day and night) and right before I sleep! If I am at home during the day, I might spritz once more in the afternoon just so I give my face another hydr-injection!
It has a base of coconut water (j'adore), hibiscus flower (known for its intense moisture boosting), rose (reduces redness and smells heavenly), witch hazel and aloe vera (need I say more?) ! 

Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask // This is probably my favourite! Promises to illuminate and energise, giving skin a fresh natural glow! The instructions were saying to use the mask nightly for the first three nights and then reduce to 2-3 nights a week. I did. And it does! So, I am not sure if this is a placebo as I was really wanted this to be good, but it damn feels like it! I do see the glow and my skin feels like it's breathing (tat on point, emoji wink). La la lav it! 

Orchid Facial Oil // Orchid extract, Japanese Camellia flower oil, Jasmine oil (yeeees!). I currently use this day and night instead of moisturiser. Highlight - awesome under make up; in fact it makes you glow. Ah, also, it smells too good!
Best for last - I've had some breakouts lately and this along with the mask have made my face a lot better, helping to smoothen and almost vanish them pimples after only these few uses!

Jasmine Body Oil // Absorbs quickly, check! Makes the skin smooth, check! Rich but not greasy, check! And the smell.. I cannot get over how wonderful this thing is! Jasmine is one of my favourite scents and this is intoxicating - in the best possible version there is.

Overall: Dose approves. Herbivore you got yourself a fan.

Disclaimer: There will be more beauty talk from now on. That's a promise!




I wanted to add a beauty section on ANDRIASDOSE for longer than eternity; don't ask me why it took me so long, I guess I never had the perfect chance.. until now!
Read along..

Although I don't change my beauty routine very easily, I do try different things from time to time.. however it takes a lot for a new product to make me fall in love and actually add it to my everydayness. 
My beauty regime is pretty simple and straightforward; a good face wash, toner, an anti-wrinkle eye cream and a day/night moisturiser but lately, I caught myself (and my skin) needing something a tad more intensive. 

It's Christmas after all - do I need to translate?
Partayy! Non-stop gatherings, drinks and food-glorious-food are my next stop so my skin will need that extra hand. Can you relate?

I hear you loud and clear.

Well, I think I might have found us a little treasure!
Expensive perfumes come in small bottles! That's what they say right? Bingo! 
Disclaimer: please take the word expensive metaphorically. I will elaborate.

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Clarins Skin Boosters
So - what are they?
The idea is that the these boosters are super-charged skincare treatments, each one of them designed to offer an instant beauty solution to most common skincare issues we all face everyday.

Similar to serums, boosters contain highly concentrated ingredients.
There are three boosters for you to choose based on your skincare needs for a more personalised beauty routine. While serums are meant to be used every day / night, these boosters are actually short-term, linked to a specific time your skin might need 'an instant injection'. 

Unlike serums, boosters are not supposed to be used before moisturiser, but have to be mixed with it. Clarins suggests adding 3-5 droplets to your regular cream.  Never to be applied on their own and you can only use them for one day, one week or one month (day and/or evening).

Detox : enriched with extracts of Green coffee bean, a natural source of caffeine, known for its detoxifying properties. Clarins states that it restores radiance, purifies and detoxifies the skin aka fight the visual aftermath of too much partying, delicious fast-food indulgent, too many marlboro lights, stress and pollution.  

Energy : intended to help those with fatigue skin; be it from a lack of sleep (think laptop work till sunrise - oh I can relate), hectic lifestyle in general and also extreme dieting. Plus - jet setters this one is for you - it helps with jet lag and all the dehydration that goes with it. Aims to stimulate and revitalise the skin with the super powerful Ginseng extract (la la lav Ginseng).

Repair : containing Mimosa Tenuiflora; a Mayan medical plant well-known for its repairing properties, the repair booster can be used on sunburns (Cyprus, think about it), extreme climates (Alps for ski anyone?) and hard salt or chlorinated water. Aims to minimise redness and works on reducing feelings of skin discomfort. 


I was eager to try them as soon as they landed on my desk as their was too much talk about them in blogging town.
I thought I'd try each one of them for one week before I write this story. 

I wake up in the morning, I hit the espresso machine, play some jazz and here we go.
I wash my face as per normal and apply my toner.
Then, I add a dollop of my regular cream onto my palm before adding 5 drops (Clarins suggests 3-5) of my preferred booster, warm up the formula in my hands and then gently pat the mix on my face - never ever rub (cheers for this one Clarins, I didn't know)!


I liked all three of them, but the two that really stood out for me were Detox and Energy. 

I am not really a party pooper nor neglect my good dieting preferences but I do have my bad habits.
I work pretty late (insomniac inspiration hits me up often), have a few espressos per day, smoke my cigarettes and indulge in anything chocolat-ish, EVERY DAY (not compromising the later, sorry - I plead guilty).

After testing all three of them, I can testify that they do what they say. 
Boosters did restore dullness as promised and I felt that they somehow sucked toxins out of my pores leaving my skin a lot more refreshed from day one of use.
I felt my skin breathing, looking brighter and - dare I say - glowing. 
It did not feel oily for one single moment and I didn't wake up with some new presents (break-out pimples that is, gritting teeth emoji) - douze points Clarins. 


Leaving this article for now may or may not have been accidental. Saved for my fellow last minute gifters, as a comfort that there are still awesome gift ideas to be found out there ( this last minute). Plus, let's be honest, you've spent all your salary at Net-A-Porter and you are now broke. It's fine. These cost 30 euros each - not too shabby right?
What were you saying? Looking for last minute Xmas presents?

Let me know if anyone has tried them already. 
A. x


* Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Wearing diamond rings by Chrysoullis Tziapouras