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photography  by Harris Kyprianou
wearing: dress & necklace BY SPORTMAXboots by MAXMARA

Bonjour! Currently in Paree, ready to hit the sack for my oh-so-fatty but oh-so-nice croissant a Café de Flore! If you are following on Instagram, then I am pretty sure you already know I spent the last week in Paris for Fashion Week. Blisters in the sun, crying feet, 3 extra kgs and a few more souvenirs with me, ready to fly out today!
Promise to share my coverage from the shows and everything else that happened - in my favourite city in the world - next week.
Until then, I am so very excited to share this look.
Again, if we are Insta-pals, you should know that I am very fond of Maxmara and Sportmax lately! Oh boy, haven't they gotten me by surprise!
Up until now, I thought that they were too 'classic' for my likes! And how very wrong I was.
I came closer to the brands recently through Maxima group and their mission to prove me wrong.

Challenge accepted.

And bet lost.

Young, playful and super fresh perfectly contrasting the everlasting chicness we all know by the names of Maxmara, Sportmax, Max and Co et al; the brands have earned a frow seat on my go-to outfit picks.

And as it is no secret I love me some good silk, it was gimme gimme by the sight of this one.
La-la-love the bull necklace and arghs, hmms and grrrs for the boots. 

À bientôt.

A. x