Photography Harris Kyprianou
*Thank you to LeLoft for my hair

Wearing: Shirt - VETEMENTS | Denim - VETEMENTS | Shoes - GIANVITO ROSSI
all from Splash by the Beach

Unless you've been living under a rock without any contact with the humankind (or if you're not really interested in fashion - but if you are reading this, I guess you are), you can't possibly have missed the VETEMENTS craze. A rebellious spirit, with clear inspiration from the 'underground' cultures and a 'too cool for school' attitude - think a mash-up of punk and neo-gothic influences infused with a gender bender sense of tailoring (and lots of beep words).

No brand divides opinions like VETEMENTS. Even people without the slightest interest in fashion have thrown themselves into the VETEMENTS attention-grabbing debate. At the first boom, I was a detractor myself (have a read on this brilliant take by Leandra.. I used to agree 100%)Let's say I wasn't that sure about the 18-brand collaborative collective idea but nevertheless, the hype is undoubtedly vindicated. 
Genius branding - do and a breath of fresh air to the fashion world; a creative earthquake. Most of the pieces are simple but the unconventional attitude that goes with them is just beyond i.e. this shirt, #dying. 
FYI Vetements (French) means 'clothing' in English. And this is what Demna says.. 'it's just clothes'.
 A slow very well-made 'creative brainwash' and here you go, your girl is a VETEMENTS kid.
Demna made me do it. 
In the end, it's all about attitude. And personality.
No doubt, they have too much of that. And that's what I love. 
What's your take?
Vetements or no Vetements?
A. x