Ph. by Harris Kyprianou
Make up by Savvas Savva

Wearing: Silk Top + Linen Culottes - Blanc Studio | Shoes - Zara | Clutch bag - Ramon Filip | Necklace - Noilence

A yellow little sticky otherwise known as post-it has just been added on the to-do's : do not forget to thank your photographer for once-again seeing what you can't see. The perfect light. Between light and shade it is. 

Currently in my hometown Cyprus, trying to survive this ridiculous - almost Sahara like - everlasting heatwave! In colder countries, they might call this Summer, but I shit you not..properly and actually dressing in CLOTHES is to the very least an Athlon around here (iphone app reads 39 degrees and I bet all my belongings that it is even more).
Life in no clothes and tiny two pieces are surely a more appropriate subject matter (it's nevertheless the15th August; I better not even touch the sun-beds beach fight issue happening right now), but I would rather hallucinate myself and stick to my own (fashion) business. 

In my survival of all of these trivial problems and excellent whining skills (perfectly developed with time), a few notes to the fashion self have come up:

- As if the AC is your best friend these days.. you might as well want to take the silky stuff appropriateness outdoors too. The world’s most comfortable dressing gown material - SILK that is - is now disguised as a top and trousers..everything really (and we have already talked about this).
P.S. I love you.
- Word's on the street that frills and ruffles are going to stay in the trend city for this season too. #whoopwhoop
- Party shoes to freak people out that you can demonstrate your Step up 2 moves just as well even on a 40+ degrees day.. and know how to give a feminine twist to the - always one of the favourites - boyish cut culotte. 
- Sport white and beige gear layering to effortlessly show-off your perfect tan.

No you are not going to die because of the heat.
Believe it and it will happen; isn't it what they say? Hashtag lol.
Wake me up when September ends.