In this photo: GIVENCHY sneakers


Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Creative Direction by me

Wearing: leather dress, blazer and sneakers all by GIVENCHY
from Splash by the Beach

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you must have heard the breaking.
Riccardo waved goodbye to Givenchy after 12 years at the creative helm. 
At first I was like, whaaaaa? Me no likey. 
I love his sensual and subversive aesthetics. He did breathe life into the French house, not only with his collections but also with his ingenious collabs over the years. There are many.. but let me mention the one with my favourite lady - Marina Abramović.
And Nike? He is definitely one of those we need to give the kudos for putting #athleisure on the map. Remember the air-force back in 2014? Merci Riccardo.
Rumours intensify he is off to Versace (not sure I am ready to transform into a Medusa just yet, but let's see what he'll be up to).

After some processing, I am finally cool with the idea. It was a good move. Change is always a good idea.

Riccardo is one of the geniuses but I guess knowing when it's the right time to move forward.. that's where the real talent is. 
Ah.. and BBoy was spot on on this one!
This one is for Riccardo (and more to come).

Up until a few hours ago, word was out that Virgil aka OFF-WHITE (la la loooove) was in the running.
But apparently (and sadly pour moi) my most trusted source  has denied the news.

"Givenchy's new creative organization will be communicated shortly," a rep told WWD.
Let's see, let's see. 
Any guesses? 
A. x