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As you might have seen on Instagram, I have spent the past few days in Geneva, reconnecting with THE gentleman and very good friend of mine Matthew Zorpas, thanks to the Geneva Tourism - album added on highlights for those of you that missed it!
Geneva, I like you - was coming out of my mouth every 10 nano seconds - although they say that it’s usually cold AF, she was oh so very pretty, sunny and nice!


I am sure you are not here for the weather forecast.. long translation short - phew, I can wear what I want!

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Our days were full with many different activities so I had to be comfortable yet not compromise Le style. One of them looks, was this one-piece that I could finally pair with my new Stuart Weitzman boots that I have been dying to find an occasion to wear. Sunnies and transparent bag for the top-ups.

Now let’s get them facts right.. (about the shoes of course, what else?)
RAPTURE ( a meaning of intense pleasure or joy / synonyms: ecstasy, bliss, euphoria) - and I like to believe everything happens for a reason. Ha!
Made of stretch fabric, so yes, thanks and again thanks for the awesome weather Geneva!
Pointy, check!
8 cm heel aka ‘for walking’ day to night (at least for me) !
And speaking of everyday boot greatness, that SW knows how to do very well, check these out too…. J’adoooore! Hint; ANIMANIA!

P.S. I also love anything white at the moment.. if you know, you know.

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I wore the look from day to night (proof be told on the lighting of my images), starting from a watchmaking workshop, lunch on a boat, walking, strolling and exploring the city, a chocolate factory and afternoon coffee (again, see our exciting trip on Insta highlights).
So yes, I guess, they take you places!

P.S. raptures come in black suede as well. And red. And grey.
Andriasdose covering your questions before you even ask!

I say go for them.
And as for Geneva, go for it, too; awesome destination for a few days meet-up. LOVE!

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Location: Geneva
Photography by George Maguire

A. x