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Ph. by Ivan Zlatev
// Wearing: Top + Clutch - Natargeorgiou | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - Zara | Jacket - Vintage | Hat - Asos  | Sunglasses - Italia Independent //

Two words, four syllables, say it and I am yours. 
Feeling ecstatic is an understatement; so much for this Indian Summer darling Cyprus.
As temperatures start to dip, I finally get to silence my mates who so generously (and politely put) laugh at me this past month for sporting otk boots and ankle booties when the iPhone app reads 30 to the very least (nah I am not joking, you may see for yourself).
Some high-fashion jargon here but yes we dress with seasons darling. And dear weather is not messing this up for me.
Can't wait to get back on the game of some serious layering action; cosy up in oversized knitwear,  mix + match fabrics and go on the hunt for all exaggerated details this A/W is all about.
I am working on an Autumn/Winter Style Guide; coming your way very soon. 
A. x