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Ph. by Oriana
Wearing: Shirt + Jeans - Zara | Buckled Slides - Mango | Backpack - Natargeorgiou

Introductions already made, but please let me make a proper establishment - meet my new shoulder extension.
I am currently suffering from backpack fever (quiet seriously though.. and if I need to prove my point, the ANDRIASDOSE + backpacks = L.F.E has already been stated).
If you are on of us (pun intended), looking for the piece to elevate your get-up-and-go casual strut to statement elegance, then I would suggest you invest in one for Fall!
I am pretty sure you won't face much difficulty in finding a few to hack your sleep - they are everywhere - let's take this one for example - breathing okay still?
Ahh, and let us not forget! They being chic-as-hell is not their only use!
An idea; think the ability to fit your heels in case you need to go from desk-to-dinner. Convinced already?