Hello! 2016
''Be in love with your life..every minute of it''
Jack Kerouac

Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the ferocious use of the F word on all the happy-new-year related hashtag insta posts - but it surely felt appropriate for my thoughts. 2015 has been a lovely and eventful year; I hope the same for you.
However it may have been, life is all about changes.
If it was bad, it can get better. If it was good, it can be magnificent.
Embrace change! Believe in your own magic.. and LOVE. My one and only wish.
Fall in love with yourself.. with what you do. And everything else will fall into place. 
It is all in the little things.
Happy New Year!

Photo (with Natargeorgiou) and Cover by Demetris Vattis for Hello! Magazine Cyprus
Wearing: Dress by Natargeorgiou, Shoes from Flashback