Peace and Love

Hello, I love you.... Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game...
A fashion junky, a vintage addict and a savvy believer that  ''fashion can be bought but style one must possess''.
Seeing art and fashion in every single thing that is made of good taste,
genuine lover of mix n' match.

Sharing a couple of random photos of my personal style to introduce myself.
Fashion Stylist, Fashion Pr consultant, Fashion journalist and Owner of
This is me - welcome to my world.
Through this fascinating path, I
 will be sharing thoughts and inspiration, vintage musings and much more.
And most importantly - RetroDose exclusive news...
So, see you again soon?
Peace and Love
P.S. At Paris Fashion Week at the moment.
Photos of lovely Paris, immaculate shows and personal outfit posts to come later today! 

Andria A.