In my previous post, I did mention that I received an offer to work on the styling of a film production next to Matthew Zorpas. Filming started on Friday. So, before heading to the studio, I had the chance to take a couple of shots, in order to show you this brand new oversized coat from H&M - btw I think it is orange, everybody says it is red, anyway; last picture (although a bit low res) is from our amazing first filming location - an immaculate penthouse with spectacular London views - London Eye, Big Ben and many more at direct sight. Everything looks wonderful till now. Oh, and although I tweeted about it - in case you haven't seen it - I revealed one of the actors name in the movie; Matt di'Angelo! 
Considering my outfit, along with the new coat, I paired customized torn vintage Levis, random jumper, vintage oxfords and jewellery. Plus my John Lennon sunnies.
Off to the studio, lots of work to do. See you soon.
Peace and Love
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