IT scarf + blacks

Received this marvelous oversized scarf from the super-talented designer duo NatarGeorgiou. The designers are based in Cyprus but their merchandise is currently distributed worldwide - coming in London very very soon - will reveal the 'where' shortly. For the moment, you may see their designs here; the uber-fashionable guys will treat you like a princess - amazing service. Spectacular one-of-a-kind  garments; watch them they will soon be big - believe me. 
Their designs are based on handmade knit -their trademark- which is combined with luxurious fabrics and various embellishments. Full post about their entire collection will follow up soon.
Since they are on the top list of the emerging designers I believe in and follow, my wardrobe consists of many pieces with their signature; example what I wore at Elie Saab show; head to toe (kind of).
This multicolored scarf is so impressive itself, hence it could only be paired with basics - aka blacks. I am wearing chiffon vintage skirt, H&M cropped top, vintage bag and Wehrmacht boots, Topshop hat and Rayban sunnies. 
Have a great weekend
Peace and Love
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