I am sure you have all faced one of those horrible days when you open your wardrobe and although what you see is pile of clothes, massive stacks of jewellery, numerous shoe boxes and a rainbow of clutch bags - first thing that comes in your mind - I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. This was one of those; - Grrrr.
After many days of hard work though, I am finally off from everything today; so shopping, casual drinks and dinner with friends fill up my schedule. The day is amazing, hot and super-sunny hence there was no way I would miss it! Very quickly, I chose this outfit. So - white vintage fur, brown high-waist leather-like pants and cuff from H&M, vintage knit and bag from RetroDose , neon pink beanie from Brick Lane market and Gothic ring from Camden. Lastly, Topshop heels.
Peace and Love
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