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What I did yesterday... After a meeting in the morning, I finally had the day off, and the chance to enjoy a lazy Sunday. Went to Brick Lane for a walk - thing I hadn't done for ages and I had totally missed it. My favorite east crowd, chilled mood, hundreds of people bombarding streets with color explosion mix n' matching styles, having beer and eating all sorts of dellis available at Brick Lane stalls. 
Plus, there was a Dr.Martens sample sale going on this weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't make it for Saturday so I missed all the good ones - although I heard that there was an estimated 6-hour queue to get in - bloody hell. The dreamy pony skin ones - limited edition - were on sale for the crazy price of £25 - nothing left though :(
I couldn't leave the place empty handed though so I bought the two pairs shown in the picture above.
Classic suede army booties and the beige dreamy loafers - in love with those and can't wait to style them. I am sure you all once had a pair of Dr.Martens, especially back in school - at least i still have mine somewhere! :)

While strolling around the streets, doing absolutely nothing, but just enjoying myself with my friends and the super-fashionable crowd around me, I stumbled upon Tony's gallery ; I couldn't help it, I had to take a couple of pics. I asked the guys over there, which were all of them very smiley and cheerful; they let me in straight away.
Tony's is a new art platform/gallery space located in Brick Lane and aims to encourage the crossovers between street and contemporary art. The gallery presents seven exhibitions per year and currently features the crochet bedroom and not only, by the Polish-born, New york based artist - Olerk. “I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone”, is the title of Olerk's current solo exhibition. She is renowned for her use of crocheted yarn and has created a major installation and sculptural environment. Playful and cheerful, the colored work with the text-based 'sexist' messages crocheted into the objects, are statements, revealing her position as a female artist in an art world that is inclined to have sexist opinions.Her practice has the striking quality of presenting a double-edged approach whereby the initial impact is colorful, enchanting and almost cartoon-like and yet under this camouflaged skin lies a complex and subversive metaphor for the world as she sees it.
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 Tony's also features a resident artist - Malark; a talented illustrator and street artist (last picture) who's job (when in London and not Barcelona) is to put color on the walls of grey London. You may see the lovely -happy- cartoonish street art he creates up on his blog here.
If you ever find yourself around this - little gem - gallery, pop in to get your art dose. 
Peace and Love
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