Converse Press Day

Firstly, great apologies for being vanished three days now - but things have been really hectic work - wise.
I promise I will make it up to you with more posts and - finally - some more writing - thing that I love doing, and had to kind-of neglect lately due to lack of time :(... The movie I am working on is finishing next week, so I will finally have some time to time manage myself and the blog among other things!

So here, the pictures are from Converse's press day - I had to go and see what the brand that all of us own at least a pair ( All Stars ) had to show for AW12. 
'Let's do this people.' - the label's slogan - was all over the place. Lovely cocktails - with and with no - alcohol; Had to take the alcohol one though because it was one of those crazy running errands day.
So..lovely gin-based cocktail by the gentleman in the bar and a great tour around the collections;  converse shoes, sunnies, bags and watches. 

I really liked the showcase of converse shoes under the  100 club Converse collaboration  (below) and the Jack Purcell ones - again below. I NEED the army ones!

 Peace and Love
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