London Bridge

Shooting in London Bridge yesterday for 'Two days in the smoke'; for those who have not read previous posts mentioning it - a British feature film I am working on the styling.
Really love Tower Hill and the bridge so I thought I should snap some quick pics. The third photo shows the view we had from the actual shooting location - brilliant.
Pretty chilled styling, as London's weather is playing hardcore games these days- grrr!
Vintage Leopard skirt (you can find a similar one on RetroDose), vintage jumper and my newest favorite vintage box bag; boots - DrMartens.
Awww - not to forget! The gentleman on the second picture is my beloved friend, colleague and always uber - stylish  Matthew Zorpas (will feature him in a whole interview post soon), who in my eyes, reflects what men style SHOULD look like! We work together on the movie project so whenever I have the chance, I obligate him to strike a pose!
That's all for now!
Happy Saturday
Peace and Love

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