Stripes on Stripes

Last day of my quick trip to Cyprus today. 
Friends for lunch - food, drinks, coffee, food again for dinner and then again drinks. The perfectness of the absolute nothing - simply chillaxing with my sis and besties after so long. Aw, forgot to mention that I made a quick stop to my very good friends and excellently talented designer duo - NatarGeorgiou atelier cause I wanted to shoot some of their new stuff. Pictures on that tomorrow.
Here my pictures are taken out of and in Yfantourgeio - one of my favorite spots in Nicosia - alternatively beautiful; great crowd, drinks, atmosphere and loads of books to amazingly decorate the place and keep company to the book-worms.
In terms of the outfit, I am black / white / silver all over today; I paired striped button-up from H&M , with striped pajama pants from Zara and Jelly shoes from TopShop.
Back to London town tomorrow and the basics. 
See you soon.
Peace and love
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