Tick tack tick PACK

I recon God, or the Universe or whoever listens to me or reads my blog:)
Just yesterday, on the post with the perspex jelly shoes, I mentioned that I can't wait for the summer to come or even go somewhere summery to wear them; after 1 hour - Bingo! - phone rings, quick trip comes up..
So I am going to my lovely island Cyprus - where I know that it is super-duper hot!
So for the next four days, plans include sun - sun - and again - sun, friends, family, drinks - and most importantly mummy's food!
What I packed?
Whites for minimalistic attitude / prints & neon / classic hot pants & the - uniform - jewellery  / & of course - heels!
I will keep you updated with lots of pictures - from Aphrodite's island.
Peace and Love

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