Winter, hello again

Just when we all said, spring is here - time for wardrobe detox and bla bla bla, London does it again. Winter is back - so furs, coats and parkas are back to the front row - freezing; and imagine that this pic was taken yesterday where you could still see some sunshine. Today, all we have is cloudy London - back to basics. Doesn't matter though, this is London, either you love it, or you don't. I personally do! Cloudy or sunny, rainy or not, London is London - inspires me to the fullest.
Considering my outfit; snake pajama pants paired with vintage jumper and orange parka; silverish socks from H&M with my Zara heels to keep me warm(as much as they can at least), and my new Gianni Versace vintage bag - seen again here
That's all for now. 
Peace and Love 
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