Blog crushes - Vol 01 - {Nef n' Nat}

I thought I should share where I take my daily dose from. The tribute to all the fashionable ladies I religiously read and follow starts from the uber-stylish sisters - Nef & Nat from TwinFashion - who happen to be very very good friends of mine. 
The sisters who look almost alike; Greek Mary - Kate and Ashley Olsen as everybody calls them in the Greek fashion communities and not only, are in my eyes ones of the most super-stylish fashionistas out there; great sense of style and not only. Stylish, chic and - to admit- unbelievably cool persons, fun and good characters. So for those who haven't stumbled upon their blog yet - go do it NOW - there is some serious inspo down there. In the first 3 pictures you see Nef, then Nat, and lastly both of them beauties together. Last picture is from our Paris Fashion Week trip this March - where we had an absolute blast.
Aw, btw they are the ones who firstly motivated me to finally start AndriasDose.
Love you girlies! xxx
Peace and Love
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