A blog different than the others

I really put a huge smile on my face when I discovered Advanced Style blog, through my daily Another Mag read. This is a blog different than the others; Ari Seth Cohen rambles the streets of NY city to find the most stylish silver haired - with only one rule; he only shoots folks over 60, although as he says, the ones he tends to photograph are over 75.
Extremely thrilled to have found it because I am a vast believer that yes, style advances with age; not surprising since a big part of my collection comes from my granny's wardrobe. Endless inspiration to be found in their outfits; exquisite colorful patterns, astounding statement jewellery and one of a kind shoes. Till now, Iris Apfel with the trademark - iconic huge round glasses; was my all-time-favorite; happy to discover more and more. I am positive that my grandmother will be thrilled to see this, as the Advanced Style BOOK too; which will be my next gift for her.
The YouTube video above, features this impeccable 90-years old - art&fashion goddess -Ilona Royce Smithkin, who creates her own eyelashes and performs Edith Piaf; do click the play, deserves it!
Good morning world.
Peace and Love