Matthew's Castle

How I spent my Saturday; it was my friend's Matthew Zorpas birthday yesterday (I already introduced him to you in previous posts like here), and he definitely could not have organised something less chic and fashionable than a Castle - and I mean literally a Castle. Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa in Redhill dates back to 1982 and is inspired by the neo-gothic design of the palace of Westminster.
We couldn't stop wowing ourselves when we actually arrived there; endless green, lakes, immaculate view, perfect spa and amazing art-decorated rooms. Excuse me for the quality of the photos; all taken with my iPhone - but I needed to show you this. The day started with pampering at the spa - then some tanning and lunch with Pimm's on ice; just perfect. We then headed for an afternoon 'walk' where we literally got lost in the endless forest - awwww I wish I had pictures from that; it was hilarious; we even climbed! - but a great great great adventure!
Finally we ended our night with a glamorous dinner and drinks.
In the pictures above you see of course the birthday boy and another very good friend and extremely fashionable and creative individual - Adriana; who we met with Matthew at a project, as she works as a set designer for films. Wish I could have more pictures of the rest of the friends who we were with, but iPhone bat died! Anyway, bottom part; it was one of my greatest Saturdays; fashionable, relaxing, adventurous.
Happy Birthday Matthew! Thank you. Love you!
Peace and Love