My week on Instagram

From left to right -
 1.Installation in Bricklane featuring second hand clothes - collaboration between Oxfam, Marks & Spencers and LCF / 2.The perfect sunset / 3.Drinking orgasm named 'Pornstar' / 4.Out and about in minimalistic mood /
5.Black&Whites / 6.Obsessive berry pancakes at Breakfast club in Shoreditch / 7.Part of my everlasting shoe addiction / 8.At Elie Saab Fashion show in PFW / 9.Rings - not a fan of less is more / 10.MawiLondon / 11.Lunch / 12.My cowboy red boots / 13.Still in furs here in London / 14.Today i am wearing / 15.Marni 100 chairs project / 16.My hollywood moment - new oversized hat - in love with.

Peace and Love