Twenty years of glamorous red-soles

Visited the Christian Louboutin Retrospective the other day, taking place at the Design Museum. Since 'rules are made to be broken' -  Douglas MacArthur once said - we defied the no-photography (still not able to understand why it exists) rule and managed to take some sneaky snaps(we is me and my friend Matthew).
Apologies to the Design Museum and all others that may be offended and receive this as an infringement act - but my statement would be that art such as this should be shared - to provide inspiration to new generations and moreover to individuals that may not have the access to attend. Nevertheless, we do live in the powerful 2012 - the revolutionary age of the digital world and instant information sharing.

Twenty years, of glamorous iconic red-soles; this exhibition celebrates the enormous career of the greatest shoe craftsman who pushed the boundaries of fashion footwear design; Christian Louboutin.
The dramatic exhibition references the origins of the red-sole through the latest collections, and it examines the designer's creative approach derived from all different areas of his inspiration.
Highlight - the fetish collection section; shoes designed for an exhibition at the La Gallerie Du Passage, Paris in 2007; a unique collaboration between Louboutin and David Lynch.

'I have no sense of minimalism - its not at all me. I absolutely need objects around me. I couldn't live in an empty space - as far as I'm concerned, that's the definition of prison' - Louboutin's words on the museum's walls.
If you haven't been and are around London - do visit, it's a must see.
Good morning world.
Peace and Love