Well this is my fetish

All of us women, certainly have a fetish - or maybe more - like me; addicted to shoes, hats and - as you can see - jewellery. I own myriads of them - you could consider me a collector - from rock and goth items, to vintage & antiques, minimal, hardware or pop -jewellery are for me the number 1 - essential - detail to perfectly fulfill an outfit. Above, a part of my collection.
What is your fetish then?
Peace and Love

P.S. Something irrelevant; I am kind of obssessed with this song right now - a friend recommended some days ago, and I have it literally on constant replay - you tube is on fire.
Give it a go -think you will like it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkTSu7SrozE
Title: 'Strange Color Blue' by Madrugada