Diana F

The queen of analog photography(film) , the absolute cult legend - Diana F. Featuring super cool art-deco designs, colors and limited edition collaborations such as the blue dots one with Colette. Firstly appeared in the swinging 60s (Diana); although a commercial failure, it  had a huge hit in the States and the United Kingdom by avant-garde artists for the type of dreamy and light images it creates. Production stopped for some years; and miss D - did a massive comeback with a reproduction as Diana F+,  around 2007.
Equipped with plastic lens(removable), its users celebrate the artistic, slightly-blurred effects.  Extremely stylish, the all-plastic toy camera is sold at a price range that doesn't go more than a 100;  you can have your hands on it here or here at Urban Outfitters. Yes, we do live in the 2012 digital era and SLRs but if deep inside, you are hiding a vintage romanticism, have a Warhol influence and wish you lived back in the 60s-70s, then you must have a Diana in your collection.
Absolutely loving it (especially the Diana mini one, last pic) - what do you think?
Peace and Love