Tie Dye

(Pictures taken with my iphone)

Hello fashion world. Firstly, great apologies for literally disappearing and lacking updates.
Came to Cyprus for a couple of days (some holidays); trying to spend as much time as I can with friends and family, running errands(even work from home) and at the same time, trying to get as much sun and tanning as possible before I get back to cold London; in other words - battery refilling.
Thermometer is counting 38 degrees here and is unbelievably hot; hence the beach is the ultimate destination.
Now, on my way for the last drinks with besties; a couple of days left and off to L town - back to reality.
Here, I am wearing an H&M conscious collection skirt with this massive slit which I absolutely adore, H&M trend tee, Alexander MC Queen tie dye denim vest and fuchsia flats from a local shop in Old Nicosia. Finishing my look with vintage ethnic jewellery. Apologies for the low quality of the pics but the snaps were quicky and not actually intended to be shared on a blog post; just thought you would like the outfit, so here you go!
Off I go for some Cosmos and Mohitos; promise I will be back tomorrow.
Sweet kisses.
Have a great night.
Peace and Love