Dear Weather

Photos by Matthew Zorpas

What I tweeted about in the morning and I still support; needing to change outfits three times a day to catch up with London's weather is not something I would call normal. Left the house in the morning with a leather biker jacket and boots and early in the afternoon, I changed to cutoffs because it suddenly became hot and sunny. Then again it changed. I thought, this will be the last one dear weather - end of story, you are not driving me crazy.

I had to choose something to cover me for everything; rain, sun, cold, non cold etc etc. Searching my wardrobe, and after the classic crisis - 'I have nothing to wear', doing my room an absolute mess, I discovered this lovely vintage bomber jacket - the perfect piece for this weather. The tie dye-ish bomber was gifted by a good friend on my birthday a couple of years ago (and to be honest I did not wear it a lot till now) - it was its moment to come under the spotlight and shine.

Wearing vintage skirt, vintage Nike bomber jacket, Religion tee, Proenza Schouler booties and Christopher Kane jelly bag. So.. Finally Friday. What are the plans for the weekend gals and boys? Anything interesting to recommend?
Peace and Love