Cyprus Dossier

Starting my day with a read of  the Cyprus Dossier - < Towards free thinking Cyprus >.
As a Cypriot, I am astoundingly pleased to have discovered it and I think it is my duty to share it with you; a superb intellectual journal produced by a team of young and creative individuals in the beautiful island of Cyprus - where I come from.
Cyprus Dossier portrays the ideal route for the showcase of all the brilliant Cypriot artists, or the deeply restless minds; and attempts to - as stated in their about section - ''initiate frequent cross-disciplinary dialogue on political, social and cultural issues faced by the island’s inhabitants, as diversely and impartially as possible''.
In my opinion; brilliantly articulated pieces of writing, that attempt to make the reader think and question. It features events and exhibitions, reads poetry and literature, interviews, discusses philosophy and politics; touches fashion, covers the music and art lovers and much more- all executed in great detail; in a minimal yet creative design. The current issue - number 3 is titled  'Countdown to infinite crisis'.  If in Cyprus, check the website for locations of distribution or if abroad and still interested, you can access it online (Written in English and Greek). Recommended dear friends; Deeply inspiring.
Peace and Love