Tribute to one of the world's greatest fashion queens

(Photos by Another Mag, Vogue, Tumblr, Styleite, Fashionista)

Earlier today, another fashion legend passed away. At the age of 81, Anna Piaggi, left the fashion world. A source of endless inspiration to her readers, colleagues, friends and collaborators, Anna Piaggi leaves behind her, an incredible collection of work and an extraordinary wardrobe constituted by 2865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes - according to the V&A's 2006 exhibition dedicated to her.

The following was originally published in Another Magazine (Issue 4) and written by Susannah Frankel;
Born in Milan – "a very design conscious place" – her approach to clothing is, in the first instance, architectural. If this sounds po-faced, the end result is far from it. "It's always a pleasure," she says. "Always musing, spontaneous and happy. A sense of humour and irony is always part of the story." A point proved in her monthly column in Italian Vogue – "Anna Piaggi D.P". It is Piaggi's own playful appearance that she is best known for. Brightening up even the most resolutely monochrome and lack lustre front row – the sight of her is nothing short of delightful. The key to the Piaggi style? Irreverence, eclecticism and years of research: she mixes new designer clothing with obscure vintage haute couture, antique fabrics, ballet costume and bric-a-brac. Her hats are, almost always, by Stephen Jones, her shoes by Manolo Blahnik, "unless they're rubber boots. Simplicity and excess live very well together, I think. It's best not to be too coordinated," Piaggi says. "They come and go the clothes. I'm not a collector or a historian. I live through the moment."

Sad. Fashion has lost a rare precious diamond.
With pure respect, Rest in Peace Anna Piaggi.
Peace and Love