Hievre X The Gentleman Blogger

I payed a well-worth visit to the Design Festival this week, taking place in London. I chose to visit the Design Junction (finishes today, you still have some time to go if you are around) and I would like to share with you one the most amazing pieces of furniture I have ever seen; and moreover a wonderfully creative collaboration.

The above masterpiece is a 'Ropero'; which translates to wardrobe in Spanish and is designed by Hievre. (I had posted a teaser video the other day.) 

'A freestanding wardrobe system that represents a spark of spontaneous ingenuity to blend both the traditional wardrobe and glass cabinet motifs – giving birth to a practical and flexible solution that creatively addresses the contemporary needs for clothes storage'.

The wardrobe, showcased in many international design fairs, came to London's Design festival, colliding the world of design and fashion, and presenting a fashionable - twisted - partnership of Hievre with The Gentleman Blogger, 'one of Britain's best dressed men', blogger and creative consultant.

Hievre's founder Alejandro Villarreal and 'The Gentleman Blogger' -Matthew Zorpas 

The idea was to 'transform an unusual exhibition space to the backdrop for a synergic statement'. The Gentleman Blogger was responsible for the creative setup of the wardrobe with his own personal clothing, shoes and accessories, showing how a gentleman or correspondingly a gentlewoman, could use the wardrobe system to store but at the same time present one's most beautiful outfits.

The 'show' promised a live outfit change of Mr. Zorpas; and I am taking you all the way. He fashionably undressed, 'catwalked' the exhibition and then again dressed with his stylish suit, taken out of his Ropero!

Peace and Love

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