There should never be a rule in fashion

(Photos by Matthew Zorpas)

There should never - but strictly never - be a rule in fashion.
Rules are meant to be broken and fashion is no exception. I am sure you all remember the old-school codes 'must match the handbag with the shoes', or the 'no-white in winter', the 'no denim on denim' or even 'not to mix prints' etc etc. Any of that exist today? No, no, no... and in contrary each one of them is flamboyantly celebrated. 
Alike with our style.. no rules.
          I had been answering some questions for an interview the other day where I was asked the typical one 
                                             -'how would you define your style'.
I swear, I can never find a single word to label it.
Maybe moody? Or chameleon? I could not say it is minimal, nor rock, vintage, or chic, ladylike etc.
It is a bit of everything. It is a mix n' match situation.
Style derives from who we are, our personality, our imagination and inspiration, our aesthetics and taste...even our mood...and feelings. Fashion should be a game, an every-day different challenge game. 
To dare to experiment; to try; to mix; to play with it. 
My first and last tip; with confidence and a huge smile you can carry off almost anything.
The more you worry about rules, the more boring your outfit will be.
As a chameleon..; from golden pants to torn cutoffs and to minimalistic blacks and whites; 
today I am sporting an ethnic - sort of - denim on denim look. 
Vans cutout shirt, with RetroDose vintage boyfriend jeans, Topshop booties, vintage necklace & mohair coat and MCM clutch.
So do tell me; shall we stick to any rules or not?
Peace and Love

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