Fresh fruits, blue trench and German military

On the post I did last night, I mentioned some personal errands I finally got time to do; one of them was  eventually doing some grocery load-ups (take-outs and restaurants were starting to get on my nerves) and visit the market for some fresh fruits & veggies. I may sound dim-witted but going to such small bazaars and markets makes me stupidly and excessively hyper and excited; love getting the role of the little explorer and drifting among the sellers who become inventive poets or even singers in order to make a sale!
People from all around the world (London defo takes the crown of multiculturalism) selling everything you can imagine; fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, amazing spices and delicacies from their countries that can break your nose, traditional garments (love the African ones), vintage jewellery (there is always a gem to discover) etc etc. 
Anyway. Let's talk fashion. I didn't exactly do trends on this one. Wore my - Hi Hitler - Wehrmacht - boots which I absolutely love because:
1. they have become better and 'dirtier' over the years
2. they are a perfect alternative to the classic army lace-up boots
4. they are giving the perfect rock touch to any outfit 
4. and most importantly, they must weigh around 5kgs each - so whoohoo free gym for me!
I paired leather-like pants and mohair knit from H&M, petrol-blue vintage embroidered trench coat, Topshop beanie, Zara Bag and leather studded cropped gloves.
Have a great freekin freezing Saturday everyone. 
Peace and Love

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