Dancing in the rain

Is there any sane person living in London and not using umbrellas? Well, I do not know if I am sane or not, but I definitely hate them. I almost always forget to take it with me when leaving the house and I only use it in emergency situations. Today it was one of those SOS ones, where out of a sudden you  have a massive rain shower on top of your head - and you have to 'dance in the rain'. Luckily I was at least wearing this oversize scarf which was instantly turned into a headpiece - umbrella substitute or whatever you want to name it. Not that bad though huh? Rather stylish I would say! Warm, statement, unique and protective!What more can I want? Ha. Had taken that from TopShop a couple of years ago and I still have it in my top list for winter accessories.

Regarding what I am wearing besides the ultimate scarf; some amazing pieces I discovered lately and I absolutely love. Great feel mohair knit from H&M trend and leather kind pants (here) - which I am absolutely recommending; my favorite purchase the last month -  bargain and super fit! Plus a Zara blazer, Topshop glitterish booties from last year and urban outfitters leather bag which I am sure you've all seen before!
Lastly, I threw a fingerparty to accompany the all - blacks outfit.
Peace and Love
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