Furs on the front row again

(Photos by Matthew Zorpas)

- Vintage Levis handmade | Tee - Gap | Fur - Vintage | Necklace - Kirsty Ward | Shoes - Proenza Schouler | 
Sunnies - Linda Farrow X Sophia Kokosalaki

Winter has officially arrived here in London town and furs are back in the front row! Refusing to totally accept it; my torn cutoffs along with open-toe heels are struggling to keep their favorite position in my cupboard's 'fashion first aid' pieces.
Anyway, can't complain though, winter's trends are lovely this year, and my wishlist is getting longer and longer; thus having it coming, doesn't bother me much. I am sharing that wishlist anytime soon by the way; what does yours have in there?
Let the winter come.
Peace and Love

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