Halloween and modelling archives

After a long time, today was not hectic. I finally had time to do some personal errands that were left behind due to heavy schedule. Then I met with some good friends; had coffee and munchies, and prepared (brainstormed) for the Halloween party tomorrow. To be honest, I never was in the spirit; I am kinda freaking out with all the jigsaws and other scary dressed creatures strolling around in the streets. So I wasn't inspired and I never bothered to prepare anything for it. In contrary, I was usually staying home with other haters, ordering in and watching movies.
Well, this year I think I am gonna do it; and I am gonna do it properly:) Stay tuned for my 'appearance tomorrow'. This very good and super creative friend of mine (will talk to you about her some other time, but do check her website for the moment) who is going ballistic every year, talked me into it. So today, I went over to hers and did some brainstorming for tom. For starters, she dyed her hair an amazing petrol-ish color which I assume you've seen if you are following me on instagram (if not, you can always do at @andriasdose ). Whoohoo, I suddenly went from hating it, to the 'can't wait' phase!
When I came back home, I finally decided to sit and do some clearing on my laptop which has started going ballistic itself; yes it is bloody overloaded.
While I was re-organizing folders & pictures and deleting unwanted stuff; look what I found. Modelling pictures which I have completely forgotten thy exist.
Worked as a model for a while - around 5 years ago. It didn't go anywhere too important, because it simply was not my dream. I wasn't really up for doing sacrifices; first of all devote my food - slaving habits - xoxo. The job gave me some good experiences though and a ticket to one of my greatest loves; travelling. I stayed for a while in Milan, then in Turkey; traveled to Paris and London - met wonderful people.
I did a couple of things that I pride of, such as the book cover on the last two pictures; did some good shows such as a Tom Ford one and posed for interesting prints. Some simple yet beloved ones, are these attached above.
Nothing huge; but I still have my modelling portfolio somewhere safe. It was a little yet beautiful experience that gave me memories I want to keep for ever.

Have a great Friday evening people!
Peace and Love
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