Halloween and Frida Kahlo

Although Halloween is officially on Wednesday, London's nightlife got ballistic last night with Halloween parties and events. As I mentioned in a previous post, I would do a dress-up this year for the first time. I wasn't really in the mood to do weird creatures, zombies, knives or the deads (I said again I kinda freak out didn't I?); so as if I would dress up anyway, I thought I should obtain some inspo from someone that I truly admire.

Frida Kahlo

I tried to encompass her majesty as best as I could. I hope you like it and I really wanna see comments on this one. Make-up was done by one of my closest friends and craziest gal around - Adriana. It should have been a success though if I consider the number of people calling me Frida in the streets of East London. A couple of guys even stopped me to take some snaps. Was definitely fun!

''I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling''.
Frida Kahlo

Most of you are probably familiar w
ith what the name Frida stands for.  If not....
 A brilliant artist; a beautiful painter and a great ambassador of Mexican art and culture.
A unique face that has become an international icon. Famous for her portraits and self-portraits....
''Here I, Frida Kahlo, paint myself, the image in the mirror.”
Although her life was brief and sometimes painful, she left a legacy of art behind her; works that combined   affection and humor, sadness and sarcasm, the private and the public.
Frida is a myth.

Below, see a part of a Documentary featuring her biography ( 1 of 6; you can find the rest on YouTube). 

So what do you think? Did I pull it through?:)
Commentarios por fabor.
(P.S. Play this beautiful song by Chavela Vargas..)
Peace and Love

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