My new bag and what's in it

I got this new Zara messenger bag a couple of days ago (in love!) and I thought that while I was switching my stuff over, I should snap a few shots to share with you...what's always with me. A hand moisturizing cream and a lip balm are definitively  two must haves in order to survive London's mental weather. For the hands, I am currently using the 'Cocoa Flower' of L'Occitane and I am loving it - find it here. For the lips,I am a big fan of the Lucas Papaw Ointment (a make-up artist recommended it and can't live without ever since) buy it here!
As a genuine gadget freak, I can't move without my iphone and ipad; yes these are bare necessities all right!
I like to always have a notebook with me as well as a diary to put down anything that comes to my mind, inspiration, etc etc, as well as things, meetings, happenings, jobs that I must NOT forget. 
Another fave is the Gazelli face mist - 'wakes up' the skin, moisturizes and smells lovely. I like to use it several times during the day, even above makeup; it makes me feel like I've had a 30 min nap!

Lastly, I always keep some 'complimentary' make-up products with me, cause with my life right now, I never know where I will end up; and distances here are massive.. so I always have a couple of stuff to touch-up my look and be ready to go from a day to a night look!

Mac Mineralize powder - shade 'Gold Deposit' and Mac concealer - my absolute saver for the dark circles issue!
Ellis Faas eyeliner pen, the best I have tried in the last 5 years; perfect pen for application and extremely long-lasting, stays put for hours. YSL 'Touche Brilliance' (Num. 19) - something in the middle of lip-gloss and lipstick - in a light pink shade; which I always use in a tiny quantity, just to give that 'healthy look'.
That's all from me..What are your every-day beauty faves? I love trying new products, so please do recommend your own obsessions.
Happy Saturday!

Peace and Love
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