The Muse

Featured in online website Shoptiques; in 'THE EDIT' as a style insider - THE MUSE. 
Shoptiques is a fresh and unique concept; with the simple but perfectly unique idea of  bringing boutique shopping online. It discovers and explores local boutiques and as mentioned on their website 'lets you instantly jet set from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami and beyond (and very soon, the world!) to explore the best-kept secrets beloved by locals and the savviest shoppers'.

I really like working with people that have innovative ideas, so when I was asked to give an interview for them, I happily and instantly agreed.
The Edit, is the website's section which features inspiration, street style, trend advice, style insiders etc etc. It worth a visit. Go check it out here; and if you want to read the interview better, you can go here
Peace and Love
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