The shiny LBJ

Dress/ Blazer / Boots - H&M | Bag - Zara | Jewellery - Handmade / vintage / Kirsty Ward

I know - yes; you are bored of seeing this hat - three times in a row, but please do admit - it goes fab with absolutely everything. And nevertheless you know my obsession with hats of any kind and especially fedoras, so please people give me some credit. Sporting my new LBJ which features an amazing metallic print on it - it was love at first sight - so hello new jacket. It will be a long day today since plans include the office (I am not sure if I have mentioned that I am the Social Media Consultant of a fashion PR firm now), then  two meetings for upcoming freelance projects and lastly dinner with a friend; had to wear something comfy yet stylish; I think this will do the job. Thoughts?
Happy Monday everyone! 

Big Kiss.
Peace and Love
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