Rise and Shine - NEW GIVEAWAY

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, then you probably know that I should be in Barcelona right now!
Due to the worst airline ever created - who else - Ryanair and the awful - unhelpful, rude etc etc customer service agents,  I got stuck in London and had to postpone my trip and work meeting. Maybe a bit harsh but my experience today (and for the first time with RA) was extremely negative.
Anyway I should hopefully be able to rearrange this trip anytime soon.
I got back home and while trying to forget what happened and calm down so I don't kill whoever comes in my way, I thought I should do something nice; like make up with you guys and be friends again? Asking for your forgiveness for 'gone missing' over the past few days. What about a giveaway?
All that glitters is gold! True or False?
 An amazing silk shimmering body lotion from Sasy n' Savy ( 100% natural skin care products from Australia). Trust me, your skin feels completely different after using it; moisturizes it much - perfect for dry skin since it contains Aloe Vera. 
Even if it is Winter (well, in most parts of the world at least), it is always nice to have your shoulders, bust, elbows and legs (if you are a hero woman and going bare legged) moisturized, smooth and shiny - with a sexy sun-kissed look! I have one of this myself, which when I firstly tried I fell instantly in love with; and immediately thought that one of you should have one too.

Grab it entering the giveaway below; will last until the 16th of December (extended) and is open worldwide!

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3. Comment below with your name confirming that you did the above!

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Taramm! That is it! Good luck lovelies. 
Peace and Love