Street Fashion Statement Award

Hi all. While I am giving you a preview of the upcoming outfit post and enjoying my delicious-est mohito I am writing to let you know about something that just came up.

I recently found out that I am nominated for a 'Street Fashion Statement award' at Gliss awards in Cyprus. Due to the fact that this is happening in my hometown; it could be fun! There are 5 nominees in my category. I am attaching the link where you can drop me a vote in case you have 3 spare minutes and would like to support! 
Note for my international friends; the page is unfortunately in Greek (you can normally vote though) but the procedure is a piece of cake. If you wanna do it and find any difficulties in your way, drop me a comment and I will guide you. 

Well, show some love people; I count on you - I should walk on that Cypriot red carpet!
Peace and Love