Daily: Review - Gazelli Triple Youth creme

Lovely baby roses this is not for you; but ladies over 25 lets face it - in order to keep our skin fresh and young we have to be using the best. I plan on doing a full post on my daily routine and all the products I like to use. For the moment, let me concentrate on this Gazelli cream; one of my latest skincare obsessions which definitely deserves my recommendations and respect. With London's frosty weather, I like being generous on the moisturizing products; and I have to say that this one has seduced me and has been added to my bare necessities. Deeply nourishes my skin and helps fighting aging. It also helps reducing lines and wrinkles in case they have already knocked the door. I strongly recommend it ladies; find it here or here, and please update me with your opinion. A big thanks to the Gazelli team for sending over this amazing product.
Peace and Love