Devil Wears Prada

Photos by Adam Tannous
Leather shirt & Leather Jacket - Gerard Darel | Skirt - Edeline Lee | Shoes - Ursula Mascaro

Every time I am watching Devil wears Prada, I get a huge anxiety to get up - whatever I am doing - dress up and go out. And this dress up translates to chic and glam. Well, the other day, I watched it for maybe the 10th time and it is like someone gave me a mega-F injection.

As it usually starts, I put some uplifting tunes loud enough to wake the dead (something like this will do), lighted a Diptyque (shop my favorite here) and had a Tom Ford overdose and a shower with my favorite White Patchouli (buy it here). It always makes me feel clean, refreshed and frisky. I got ready and hit the streets.
Do you people feel somehow the same when watching that movie? Please tell me I am not by myself here..
Peace and Love